June 7, 2012

This is my first post since making this blog. My previous one was an introduction of how vampires of folklore transformed into the stuff vampire and paranormal romance readers dream of today. 

An avid reader of them, I became frustrated with the lack of new work put out to whet my appetite, so I started writing them myself. While working on editing my stories, I became distracted by my other interests. It really pulled me away from my writing but haven't given up on my dream of being a writer of alternative universes. 

From working on and for these alternative pursuits, I learned html/CSS formatting and image manipulation, enabling me to turn my work into a real ebook on my own. I made the new background for this blog, I hope you like it! The art on the right is by my friend, Nick Kushner. A blood artist and  website designer.

While I no longer read romance, though a good writer should, I worked on editing and posting news for my favorite musician, an artist and a male model I know. This did; however, help hone my writing skills. Of course to me, the story comes first. Does it grab you and refuse to let you go? Is it a wild ride that makes you laugh and cry. Do the characters seem real, the story not just another romance.

I offer them to you, starting with a short spicy vampire romantica, Roehm’s Hart. This one under Rose LeNoir, my full-length sweeter but still hot romances under a yet to be determined pen name, soon.
I’m still deeply interested in vampire romance. Some say it’s run its course, of course, those who read them because they were the latest sensation will go on to something else, but I still love them. I believe just like horror or mysteries, they're here to stay. I do have some other paranormal stories started and hope to post them soon.  

Cover photo © Manzin 

   Lacey Hart wasn’t sure what to expect when she confronted the man she was told killed her sister.  Instead of getting her revenge, she was punished for her audacity with a gift of pleasure. But then the vamp disappeared into the night leaving her exposed. Literally.
For two years she trained to become the killer she wanted to be on that night. Alexander Roehm wouldn’t charm his way out of her revenge this time! Would he?


  “Tell me,” his voice vibrated against her. “Tell me you don’t want this and I will stop.”
She opened her mouth to comply.
“But you can only speak if it is true in your heart.”
She tried, she really did. Nothing came out. She closed her mouth, sighed and relaxed. Oh my god. No. Yes. She widened her legs.

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Roehm's Hart is a short Romantica, if you enjoy it, please leave a review! Thank you!  ~ Vampromancer.


Look for Keely's Vampire Warrior, a long sweeter romance soon!

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