October 28, 2013

It's been a busy year, moving into yet another apartment, fixing it up to rent out and final editing and creating of a book cover for Master & Slave but it's done and available on Amazon!

Master & Slave is available on Amazon and free for prime members. 
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October 29, 2013

Vampires, werewolves and love, oh my! 

Taken from her family for her gift of Sight three-hundred-fifty years ago, young Nicoleta degenerates into Slave for vampire Strader. Now she spends endless days keeping Master’s house and visioning. The one irking him most, is of her Queen, him King in a far away land. “Foolish girl’s dream!” he assures her, feeding her from his wrist. The one that scares them is of a vampire king in search of the most powerful vampire hearts to ingest.

During a vicious battle fending off intruders to his secluded mansion, stoic Master is severely wounded by a werewolf. Infected, the Were virus sends him into a heat that drives him to mate Slave, changing them forever.

Flooded with and resisting reawakened emotions, Master rides Slave ever harder, until she successfully escapes only to run into her brother and his strange friend, Raluca. Where Master is domineering, this leaner vampire is respectful, kind. She tries to start a new life, but her heart aches for Master, a brooding King plays on her empathy while gentle Raluca bides for her hand.


He’ll stop at nothing to reclaim his Slave, his mate. But will he be in time? Doesn't she want him? She better! She is his! And he finds with her escape he lost more than his Slave, he also lost his heart.

I hope you enjoy the story and welcome reviews on Amazon, but please! don't include spoilers. 

Master and Slave is a stand alone story (though I might add more in this line), my next project is to finish writing and editing the second story for The Naith Series, in which Keely's Vampire Warrior is the first.

Available on Amazon!  


For a hotter romantica short story see

Available on Amazon!

Happy reading! Hope to finish next story by 2015!

March 13, 2013

Keely's Vampire Warrior. Available today!

Available today!

Keely's Vampire Warrior

One thousand years ago, Taskill Geir beseeches the Gods for his best friend, Donnan Clynne’s, life. Granting his request results in the creation of the Naith vampires to fight the Droch vampires threatening humankind. Just as the battles begin, Doe catches Tas consorting with his human wife, Alyssa, as well as Drochs. Her death results and Tas is sent to ifieann in punishment.

Now, one thousand years later, Doe saves a woman from a brutal Droch attack. But she is near death and can only be saved by her lifemate, Tas. Called back to save Keely Hannon, he must now fight not only his ex-best friend Doe, but also the evil Sorcerer and his minions.

Keely, just a woman, or is she? She wakes from an attack to find herself being taken care of by a charming man, Doe Clynne, and his handsome bodyguards. But she dreams of another man. A tall, black-haired, dark eyed one who haunts her dreams. Who calls for her. The truth sends her into the Drochs waiting arms. Who will be her savior? Who should she trust? Who makes her heart burn with desire? Who will win her love?

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